Friday, February 16, 2007


18" x 24", acrylic on canvas

"there are two ways you can look at an artist - being priviledged and being cursed."

"why so?"

"artists, like any individual, have the ability to record things as they see, feel and experience them. the privilege comes from their capability to use their imagination to manipulate these and change them into images, or words, or movements that can be wholly theirs. they own these and let others partake of what they have "created". only a rare few can do that and do it well.

"so, what's the curse?"

"the curse - here is where it gets tricky. when one "creates" something and owns it... there'll be times i suppose, out of extreme passion for his ownership, he gives "life" to his own work. an inanimate thing - a painting, a song, a dance, a written tome - coming to life within him, thereby consuming him in spirit, his soul, and it can really be scary. imagine how it is like when da vinci was carrying mona lisa whenever he goes. every night, he'd set her up in front of him and talk to "her" like the way dorian gray worshipped his own image. (well, i am assuming he does.)"

"what do you propose to escape such a curse?"

"oh, treat any work like a child. there'll be a time, the right time, when a child has to grow and leave the family nest. if you're an artist and your work is good, sell it. release it. earn from its profit. then let the work "live a life" out of your confines. just make sure your signature is legible for posterity's sake."



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