Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is pathetic.

My cellphone's dead. My tv's dead. My computer's dead. The light is dead. Hell, everything around me seems DEAD...

From my window, Libertad is unusually silent and dark. The last time I "heard" this street as silent as tonight was... last year's Black Saturday. At least, during that night, Jesus is dead. It gives every God-fearing catholic a reason for silence. But it isn't Black Saturday tonight.

I sit beside my window letting the time pass me by and, hopefully, let sleep visit my mind and take me to dreamland. Down below at street level, I spot a few people standing in near darkness at the corner. A young lady carrying a cardboard box, an old man in short-sleeved barong holding a plastic bag and a man with a backpack who kept on swerving on his feet. I suppose he's drunk or sleepy. Then from down the road, came a light from a coming vehicle. Perhaps this was the jeep that the three were waiting in the corner for.

From afar, I could see the jeep only had two passengers and its driver. Its headlights were the only ones illuminating the street now - shining on the faces of the three people waiting transfixed for their ride to draw near. I see the swerving man stop his swerving. The old man drew his plastic bag closer to his chest, and the young woman adjusting her box. The jeep stopped in front of them. When the three came near to it, the two passengers inside jumped out (I see that they were two gruff-looking men in shorts and slippers). One man grabbed the woman by the arm, pushed her box and snatched her small purse from her arm. The other man, pushed the man with the backpack to the pavement, grabbed the old man and deftly went through his pant pocket retrieving perhaps his wallet.

It all happened in a few seconds like a wild, swift dervish. In a few blinks of an eye, the two men jumped into the jeep and sped off, leaving their hapless victims stunned at the street corner. The woman shrieking into the dark night, the old man shaken and still; and the swerving man with the backpack lying on the pavement groping on the ground. It happened so fast.

My eyes shifted from that surreal scene and saw the glow coming from one of the windows in the two-floor building in front of mine. From that window I saw her again.

Every night she'd be standing by that window wrapped in the same towel she's been using since she's moved into that room. Her hair wet, it falls the same way it always does on her shoulders. She now glows with an eerie yellow color coming from a single candle lit in her room. Holding her wet hair in one hand and with the other the window sill, she leans farther into the dark cold night and looks at the still shrieking woman, the stunned old man and the fallen backpack-bearing young man. For a few seconds she looks at them fixedly, until I spy a shadow behind her. In the glow of the candle's yellow light in that room, the shadow grew behind her. It was standing up. Then I saw a hand touching the woman's shoulder.

She turns, takes her hand away from the window sill and reaches out to the shadow now fully grown and standing. Then she moves away from the window deeper into the room. She slowly removes her towel from her body, lets it fall to the floor. And she goes closer to the shadow's owner. In the half-dark yellow light of her room, I saw her kiss her lover... naked she lets her touch her breast and by the hand was led deeper into the shadows of the room.

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