Friday, February 16, 2007


Pensar no es malo, es como mezclar una Taza de Cereal
(Thinking isn't too hard, it's like mixing a bowl of cereals)
Description: Acrylic on Canvas, 14" x 18"

I finally finished this tedious piece of a mind-altering image. I describe it as such since it reflects my mental state whenever I sit down, grab a pencil and start coming up with ANY drawing.

Look at it. Isn't it crazy?? To open your skull and have it mashed by some kid sitting on your shoulder like... like he's mashing clay? Ever even tried it on your own? Now that I think about it, what if I added a cherry into the brain, would it actually make a difference? Or if I put a dancing dog with a burning tail running around the head in the foreground... would it actually make it more "poetic"? I like the trees, they look like green balloons about to pop.

Everything is crazy when you start drawing your dreams and neurosis.

PENSAR NO ES MALO, ES COMO MEZCLAR UNA TAZA DE CEREAL - English Subtitle: Thinking isn't too hard, it's like mixing a bowl of cereals. Think about it. You wake up everyday, half-dazed. That moment between taking a leak, taking your strong coffee and just having woke up. You crinkle your forehead, screw your eyes and wipe the dried salive from the corner of your mouth and motes of thoughts start to pop in your dazed consciousness: "Shit, what the hell did I just dream of?" The annoying part is, if you can't remember, it bothers you the whole day and can't get your mind off of it. Or, that time when you bump into someone at the train station. He'd say "Oh, excuse me." Then looking at you, he'd exclaim, "Hey, how's so-and-so doing?" "She's okay", says you. You want to ask where you've known each other, but the train has to leave and you're left there hanging and thinking, grinding your brain...."where and how?"

And a myriad other thoughts bother our minds. Dreams. Chance meetings. Even forgotten lovers. And sometimes... sometimes even thinking doesn't make any sense at all. Heck, I don't even understand anymore what I am thinking... and even saying.


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