Friday, February 16, 2007


Woman from the Past

11.5"x 16.5" paper

pen and ink

Following is an online conversation i had this morning with a friend who calls me stupid.... (at least she didn't call me moron, which i think is worse)

TINA: You're stupid
DAN: ME??? why you saying that?
TINA: You say your art's going nowhere. You just had your phone and wallet stolen and you're getting promises from "buyers" who are paying you more with saliva rather than what they actually promise form their pockets.
DAN: wow, thank you for pointing that out to me. you're one great help. i'll try confessing to a priest next time. at least priests aren't prone to saying scathing remarks.
TINA: Daniel, what do you have?
DAN: an empty pocket, a broken spirit and mounting bills that might reach up to my 5'11" frame.
TINA: You really are stupid.
DAN: say that again... it's starting to sound like a song to my ears. stupid me getting depressed.
TINA: You have your hands, right?
DAN: yeah, ever since i was a fetus.
TINA: And what do you do with it?
DAN: pick my nose?
TINA: Idiot. I didn't mean that!!!!
DAN: what do you mean then?
DAN: you know what? you'd better stop calling me by my name and address me as IDIOT or STUPID na lang. you've said those words a lot already.
TINA: What I meant was you have your hands. You have these great drawings and small works that are gathering dust in your apartment. you've shown them to me and I love them.
DAN: why thank you. at least someone who has a poisonous tongue can actually say nice things about something. they're studies for paintings i am doing, done and will do... final paintings that can be so damn expensive nobody's buying or takes a longer time before someone notices. i tell you, i am in the wrong country. i might as well be in somalia or haiti. i read somewhere that they pay thousands of dollars to assassinate rival politicians and rich men. in the dead of night, i sometimes think... why the hell did i quite what i was doing before?
TINA: Because you've got soul honey. And quit the sassy statements. I don't know if I'll slap you or kiss you.
DAN: yeah sure. now you're your turning ebonics on me. i prefer the slap.
TINA: Why don't you sell your drawings? You send through email your works regularly whenever you've done something. I saw the father and daughter. It's beautiful. I like it.
DAN: sell my drawings? i think that's a bit blatant.


if you've read the above conversation, well, am giving her suggestion a try. i suppose i have nothing to lose.

starting today from hereon... i will be selling the smaller works I post here for 500PhP... whatever size they may be. these aren't full-blown paintings, mostly drawings and sketches and small works that are basis for bigger pieces i am doing, done and will do. (heck! who knows, i might even throw in a full blown work i don't want to see anymore for 500 bucks.) if you feel they're worth more than i quoted, i'd be happy to receive bids. it will be in the service of art, cultural enhancement and the higher pursuit of what is beautiful, profound and wonderful. (who the hell am i kidding? i am an artist who just needs to earn and spread my works to individuals who can appreciate them.) and might i add too? it'll be cheap - for now. someday, the prices of my pieces will skyrocket (and i do hope i am still alive when it does happen)... and you my dear friends will be part of that.

yeah, sure. who am i kidding? if no one's buying... i might resort to transferring to haiti and be a hired killer.

the first work i am sending cyberally is a piece i call "Woman from the Past". it's a pen and ink work done on 11.5"x 16.5" paper.

do enjoy this piece.

thank you so much.... :-)


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