Friday, February 16, 2007


12" x 17", pen and ink on paper

"yes, you close your eyes when you expect a kiss."


"it's like opening a ribbon-wrapped gift. it's also like when your eyes are closed. you can't see what's inside, so you don't know what to expect. but it's always exciting to find out what you'll get."

"but i'd also like to see you when your face is close to mine... the way you lightly pucker your lips and that funny little twitch you have when your eyes are closed. it's that prelude you have when you begin to kiss me, it's as exciting as the kiss i'll get."


"so... what do you think?", i asked my cousin.

"on what?", giving me a questioning look while she's dipping her finger on some moldy peanut butter - goodness how old that bottle is -in the fridge.

"about this. what do you you think about this new piece i finished?", i asked while showing her "the prelude..."

she stared for a few seconds and from a "don't-bother-me-while-i-lick-my-peanut-butter" look, she widened her eyes, squinted and remarked, "i like it kuya. it's very romantic. it seems like the other person's so in love with the other. romantic."

"good", i said.

"pero kuya, they are two guys, right?

i just smiled. :-)


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