Friday, February 16, 2007



I have been having a spate of bad luck these past few days.

First, i twisted my knee. for a few days i felt like an invalid, unable to walk without limping. even stretching my limb felt like a heavy chore. it was on this physical burden my mind was focused when i was doing my laundry, that i inadvertently place the colored pants with my light-colored ones. i now have two jeans with huge splashes of black color on them. and these weren't just pants, they were my favorite!

I told myself, these occurences are a prelude to something bigger. true enough, fate has a wicked sense of humor. the other day, my older mobile finally conked out. it just stopped working. since i had extra cash, i hauled myself to where i can have it fixed. i took a ride and blissfully went my way. just a few meteres from where i took my ride, several men rode the vehicle, noisy and boisterous. somebody from the back of me paid in coins and dropped on where i was siting. yes, stupid me. i picked up the conis... a typical tactic of thieves. distracted as i was, i never noticed my pockets were being picked. i alighted the vehicle at my stop, and when i felt my back, i realized that not only i lost my wallet but also both my mobile i placed in the back pocket. what a way to go.

I went back home, sulked in my loft and continued to do so the next two days. i felt disconnected from the rest of the un-stupid humanity. i also realized that my best companion was my window, watching the world as it goes by... pensive, sad, forlorn... until i saw them.

Right in front of me, below the street was a barefooted man carrying a couple of taho containers on his shoulder. so, what's so special with a taho-vendor anyway?

It wasn't the silent way he was dgoing about his business that caught my eye, but alongside him was a small girl wearing a pink dress with a green polka-dotted skirt and pink shoes. was it his daughter? perhaps. was it somebody else's child who just happened to stand beside him and the man acknowledged the child presence? maybe. questions just flowed from my mind of this odd couple and i had to draw them. this is what i share with you.

Ahhh, when one is pensive, feels stupid and above all at a loss, things just flow from his mind down to his hands.

Do have a grand life!


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