Sunday, September 28, 2008


On the weekend of OCTOBER 3, 4 and 5 I'm going to set up a booth (more like put a mat on the street and lay my wares on it) in the CUBAO EXPO ARTISTS' FLEA MARKET.

Am gonna be selling some of my old drawings there ranging from 200 to hmmm... around 3,500 bucks. It'd mostly depend on how big they are, and well, I guess it'd be good to let go of works and sort of start fresh.

Aside from my works, I'd be selling some of Christine's funky jewelery. (You should check her stuff. She does them all by hand.) Sheila's books and some bags and wallets bearing the image of an old study.

The flea market will be open from 2 in the afternoon until midnight.

Hope to see you there!

I attached a map above to make it easier to find the place. Cubao Expo has flowered into an interesting bohemian center for artists and their ilks. (That includes me I guess)

Drop by on those dates. I'm sitting at stall no. 1 so it'd be easy to spot me.


SeƱor Enrique said...

Seems like a wonderful event for the weekend! I'll try to drop by and take pics of the happenings.

Anonymous said...

i think there's a fashion show something at night. you'll love the place. it's pretty cool.

Unknown said...

I wish i could come to your event. hehehe cheers.