Friday, September 26, 2008


For the life of me, I could never understand why scarves became in vogue in this country, especially those Abu Sayyaf-inspired ones I see many young people wearing these days. If they're using it to protect their necks from the UV rays of the sun, I might understand the "practicality" of its use. Since the advent of whitening creams and glutathione, and every brown Pinoy wants to look as pale as, say, Lindsay Lohan or Matt Damon... hmmm, okay, I'd say it could be forgiven.

What could not be forgiven is the simple and utter inappropriateness of some designs. Many of these scarves are simply "ugh", "blech" and bland-looking.

Now, if the scarf-wearing segment of this fashionista crowd would wear something a little bit funkier, then I'd be shutting up my mouth and perhaps get one for myself. Hehehe...

AND THEN, I discovered Twinkie Chan online, a woman whose scarves made me see food in a different light... or knit.

Here she is with breakfast around her neck.

This one's for those with a sweet tooth.

And here she is again with a light meal.

I think I have fallen for this chic. :-) She rocks!

You can see more of her stuff here, here and here.

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