Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Last weekend's Artists' Flea Market was a blast. Sure it rained. Sure at some point I spent more time staring at the tiny rocks on the street. Sure it felt like I am a salmon being smoked underneath the tents with the heat and humidity before the rain fell. But overall, it was a really fun gig. I would like to go back there again and again and again.

On Friday, I did my set up of my side of the tent in a record 2 minutes. I basically unfurled my mat and tossed my works for sale helter-skelter on it. I also shared the tent with this cool guy - Nelson, and his wife. He does these pretty interesting mobiles made out of brass sheets.

The baldie with the mat

The Reading Room (one of the funky shops at Cubao X owned by Sandy)
Right in front of it was where I was squatting

People started pouring in and was surprised to Eric drop by and take pictures for his blog. Thanks Eric!

The highlight was getting to listen to Up Dharma Down. This was the first time I actually heard their music and I was enthralled.

A disc jock friend Ric Suede told me when I mentioned to him about hearing UDD for the first time, "Have you been living in a hole that you never heard them singing? You're like the only artist I know who's never heard their songs."

I agree. I so agree.

Up Dharma Down - We Give In Sometimes from Ryan Vergara on Vimeo.

I saw and now I heart this corner called I LOVE YOU STORE. When I first heard of it, I thought the store was some sort of kinky sex shop or somethings. Turns out it's a store that looks like a hardcore fasyonista's bedroom. Though I can't nor even dare wear any of the things they sell, it sure is a delight to check out.

Facade of I LOVE YOU store

I also discovered this young artist - Dex Fernandez. I am in love with his creations. Waaaay to cool. :-)


You could see more of his works at Krayolaeater

Andre dropped by at night and we just boozed it out while listening to the bands do their gig.
We just hung around in front of this place called MOGWAI. On it's second floor, they have a cinema where they show indie films. Really cool.

MOGWAI Bar/Theater
... more on next post

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