Friday, September 26, 2008


written by Rene Villanueva
illustrated by Me

published by Tahanan Books for Young Readers


I was at my usual haunt the other day - the bookstore. Lounging around the children's book section checking out the new titles when from the corner of my eye, I spotted a pretty familiar title.

Lo and behold! Another old, old book I did eons ago. I really find it amusing that an old work is still being sold in the store. I have long thought that this was already out of circulation.

I immediately bought it and then leafed through my illustrations. Goodness, I thought, did I draw these?? I thought my drawing style has long since changed when I was still groping my way around then.

I find it odd too that looking at the illustrations in this book, it felt like a totally different person did all these. What a blast from the past.


I wonder if the original illustrations for this book are still alive. I gave the whole caboodle (50 of the illustrations) as a wedding gift to Brian who I remember hung them all on his wall. Hmmm... I really wonder.

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