Wednesday, September 24, 2008


For 800 x 600 size

For 1024 x 768 size

For 1440 x 900 size

I've always liked designing children's books. If there's anything that beats painting or drawing, it's doing these books for kids, and for the past few days I have been pretty occupied with finishing this new one - MESSAGE IN THE SAND. It's written by Charmaine Aserappa about a boy who tried to save the seas.

I am also totally amused with Rodel Obemio's seashells. I spent an entire evening picking them out one-by-one and did this wallpaper just to show you a little peek into it. I really think it's cute. (If you like 'em, feel free to copy-paste and splat on your monitor. I did three sizes and you just choose which one fits yours.)

Am gonna send the file of the book to the printer today and by November, CANVAS will release another one of our lovely, lovely books.

Okay, I'm gloating.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan! I really enjoy your illustrations for children's books. I really made it a point to purchase one of your books when I was in the Philippines last year. This is why you crossed my mind when I was thinking about redesigning our school shirts for next year. I am currently the PTA Committee Chair for Spiritwear and Spirit Day at Tustin Ranch Elementary School in OC California. The current style is in desperate need of a makeover. Will you be interested in designing our school shirts? Just let me know...

Anonymous said...

hey gay!
como estas? te-bumats?
sure... i sent you an email privately. :-)