Monday, January 14, 2008


a crazy day by the bay
photo taken by Nelson Agustin

Yes! Today's the DAY.

Later today will be the opening of my FIRST ONE-MAN SHOW of paintings and to put it bluntly - it's scaring the hell out of me!

I know this might sound corny, but I'll do it anyway. I know these people read my blog and to you, I give my deepest gratitude:

My brother, through thick and thin has always been there. I love him dearly. He's my best friend.

Mama Ching, my second grandmother. I've given her some headaches but being a grand lady that she is, she never showed it. And her sister ML, another grand lady of squaredancing. To both of them go my utmost respect.

Gigo and Delan, two crazy individuals who, through hard work and a dogged pursuit of a dream are both making marks in the exciting world that is Philippine art.

Arthur Dizon, hello there in Chicago! Your friendship and support meant a lot to this crazy artist.

Andre Garra, your biting remarks... I would miss them tonight. (He's currently in the hospital recuperating from some stitches.)

Sheila, a woman, a mother, a lover (not mine!) and a dear friend; and Ben who I always pray for to have peace in his heart.

Teddy Manuel, whose gift of blooms simply awed me.

Lali, thank you dear beautiful lady for the words.

1/OF GALLERY and CANVAS, you Rock!

My parents, the bedrock of my brothers and I.

Wiggy, Deus, Zach, Marlon, Lyra and Jyra - the angels.

To all my friends who will be there... Maraming Salamat! And to them who are now in the embrace of Our Lord, I know you're out there - somewhere (or perhaps reading this in a cybercafe in heaven). Thank you and my prayers to you.

See you later!!!



Though this one came a bit late, I would like to thank Senor Enrique for posting in his blog the announcement for my exhibit. Mabuhay SeƱor!


Big Bad Red said...

WOOHOOOO!!!! I'm first in the Comments Section! I am going to pee on this area and claim my territory. ;)

One million years later, 4 or 5 broken hearts after, 3 subsequent years of toasting to New Year, and me still waiting for my damned Tayona painting (which, mind you, was not requested by me...but suggested to me by the painter himself! Hah!).....the One-Man Show is finally here.

You bet your Boy Abunda visage, pekpek shorts and snoring self on a banig amidst guests to your party...I will be there. There better be fricking fine wine (OK, I'm bringing a bottle) and exquisite hors d'eouvres (sha, pika-pika!)...because I'm arriving there famished like an Ethiopian.


Anonymous said...

congratulations dan! your work is awesome and am a huge fan. the images are sublime, the colors vibrant, the textures are sensual, and the stories behind it are magical.

[p.s. i was the one who dropped by the gallery with my wife while you were setting up yesterday.]

palma tayona said...

@ Ben : my dear, dear, dear Ben. you, of an old soul traipsing through on flighty, winged feet, you always make me laugh.

and yes, i do remember that promise. i am simply waiting when the right time comes. when it does, it will knock your socks of. i will just simply crash in whatever you're doing with canvas in hand and tell you to sit down and be still.

see you later. :-)

palma tayona said...

@ nilo : you'd have to forgive me yesterday. i was a bit frazzled, tense and having all those pre-exhibit jitters while we were hanging the works. i am rested now and well-prepared for tonight. i am deeply grateful you took the time to visit the gallery.

i do hope to see you tonight or perhaps one of these days.

it was good to meet you and your wife.


Anonymous said...

congrats my friend... it was nice to see you again...

sorry, have to go early kanina... ung driver ko kc nagmamadali... wala pa daw cya tulog, e naaawa naman ako... sabi nga pala nya, gusto daw nya mga paintings mo... pag sinimulan ko na daw cya paswelduhin, bibili daw cya ng isa sa mga gawa mo (ambisyoso di ba?!? uunahan pa ako sa pagbili)

again congrats... and more exhibits to come... at sana madami mabenta mo...

- bert and his driver (hehehehe)

palma tayona said...

hahaha... i am glad to finally meet your "driver". he's quite a nice fellow.

and thank you so much bert for coming. it am very moved by your gesture of support.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first one-man show!

I wish I could see it! Will you post some picture so we can have an idea of it?

Bonne chance, as we say in Paris.

Ebb Tide said...

CONGRATULATIONS P.T.! It's natural to be very nervous during a one- man-art show. I am happy that you finally realized your dream and goal. Best Wishes and may you have a successfully art show. By the way, are you selling that painting that Sr. Enrique posted on his blog 2 days ago about a lady with calla lilies? It reminds me of a Diego Rivera painting, one of my favorite. Wish I am there to attend your art show. I am interested to buy some of your paintings. Do you have a catalogue, so I can look at them and the prices too? Are all the paintings you posted on your blog still for sale? You have a vibrant style.

palma tayona said...

@ del4yo : i surely will post some pictures. some of the works there i still have to take pictures of. :-)

nutart said...

hello, Daniel! Maybe I know you personally...:-) Just read most of your post. I like your style of writing as well as your paintings very much. I live in Mindoro and even hope to still see your exhibit when I get to be in Manila.
Congratulations on your first one-man show! Being an artist myself, i could not help but identify with most of your thoughts about how people do have stereotypes about us. In a provincial setting, I am always amused at either the confused stance people show me when i declare that I am an artist. They often think I dance at the girlie bars at night or something :-) when I look like a manang (ha-ha!)

palma tayona said...

@ Ebb Tide :thank you for the congratulations. i appreciate it. last night was pretty successful. a lot of people came and for a first one-man show, people say that it was very much well-attended. i am glad.

yes, there is a catalogue. i will forward your post to the gallery and they will send it to you.

thank you so much for the well-wishes.

p.s. yes, the painting with the calla lilies in senor enrique's blog, it is in direct reference to a painting of diego rivera. i call it "Flower vendors (for Diego)"

i am still gathering my thoughts about it and soon will put it in my blog. :-)

palma tayona said...

@ nutart : thank you for the greetings. the works will still be on view in the gallery until the 25th.

and yes, it is interesting the stereotypes us humans place on each other. :-)

Anonymous said...

Daniel, dear friend, of course you should expect your friends to come in droves to view your works, and to support you in your first one-man exhibit! It's been so long since we've heard of your plans, that most of us were beginning to wonder IF it would ever happen, that we started pressuring you to go for it!

And now you've finally done it! I am so happy for you! You are a gifted, talented artist, and there is no doubt in my mind that you would soon be recognized as such. The world deserves to see your beautiful works of art. Plus, you are not "just" a painter, but a writer as well. An artist through and through.

Congratulations, Dan! I'm looking forward to attending your next exhibit. When can we start pressuring you again? Sometime April of this year? hehehe... :)

Mari said...

Congratulations Palma on your one-man art show. Jitters come, but they go after a few hours. You'll be okay.

palma tayona said...

@ shy : thank you so much. i couldn't thank you enough for coming to the opening. the next exhibit will be on april 18 and i am two-thirds done with it. it'll be different this time. works done in pen and ink on paper will be the ones i will show.

so, watch out for it.

palma tayona said...

@ mari : thank you. yes, the jitters have passed. what replaced it is a feeling of being in cloud nine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you well with your new show.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Daniel! Congratulations on the successful opening of your first one-man exhibit!I hope I can drop by when I visit my daughter in Manila sometime next week. If not, I will make sure to be at the opening of your second exhibit... in April? I hope to meet you personally, and of course, purchase one of your precious paintings.

Way to go, Daniel, and again, Congratulations!

palma tayona said...

@ rhodora : thank you so much. honestly, i am a bit overwhelmed with the emails and congratulatory messages i get for the success of the show.

yes, do visit the gallery and see what my brother described as an exhibit that "SCREAMS in color".

yes, the second exhibit is on April 18 (i think). this one will feature a collection of pen and ink works on paper of people i see from my second floor window.

Anonymous said...

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I love your paintings!

best wishes