Friday, January 25, 2008


Hmmm... I found this video that, well, uhrm, summarizes many conversations I have had before with other artists.

Nobody really needs to know, but it usually goes on like this...

Stewie and Brian "How's the novel?" (just change the word "novel" to "painting")

... I just couldn't resist posting this here.


Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

yes it fits my mode

palma tayona said...

hahaha, i know several artists whose topic of conversations always begin with, "hey, when are you going to have your exhibit?"

here's one that happened a few days ago...

i was hanging at the gallery. an old acquaintance from college happened to pass by. i recognized him, said hello and then he asked, "hey man, when are you going to have your exhibit?"

i said, "soon" (i lied) and that started him rolling into a monologue about his works, doing this and that blah-blah-blah. he did it for several minutes (my eyes were already glazing and my mind was wandering towards lunch), and after that he left saying, "you should have your works in a gallery soon man." "yeah, i will," i harped back.

the whole time we were talking, we were standing right in front of the gallery where my works were on full view.

weird morning.

Anonymous said...


I only hoped that someone had unexpectedly cut in while your college acquaintance was reciting hallelujah to himself. Something like:

"Uy, Dan! Congrats, pare! Ang galing ng exhibit mo! Pangalawang beses ko nang punta dito, pare!"

I could just imagine his jaws dropping. LOL!

Ebb Tide said...

I will come back later. Sorry, I couldn't understand the conversations w/ out captioning. Will wait for my husband to come home tonight. I needed him to explain to me what's going on. Fr. the comments above, it seems that they are talking about an artist next exhibit.

palma tayona said...

@ rhodora : That short conversation left me with two thoughts:

1. was I that big to block his view of the gallery for him to not see the current exhibit;

2. perhaps he wasn't wearing contacts (i'm not sure if he does wear them). i wasn't even sure if he remembers my name. i called him by his name, but he never mentioned mine. come to think of it, the last time we talked was 5 years ago.

hmmm, oh well.... :-)

palma tayona said...

@ ebb tide: hehehe, i simply couldn't resist posting that video. i find it quite wry, witty and funny. like lloyd irving above has said, it sometimes fits some of my own moods too. :-)

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I Understand the artist view. I have displayed many paintings Most artists do not look at others art in a coplementary. They beleave there art is superiour. Especiall if you dont paint in their medium. Sometimes it is the subject of the paintings most yhave closed mind while the collector has an eye out for whats to ADD to his collection.Artists seem more critical and aloof. I have experience these amature arts not seeing. because they THINK they are an Art critic
But be cheery Remember Pasco criticised Rousseau, Henri

Kiks said...

hahahahaha. some artists are just so full of themselves, detailing in full their opuses after every brief flurry of jejune questions to the supposedly star of the night.