Wednesday, January 23, 2008

... and still more SNAPS!

I got some more pictures from Drew who took these photos from that night. As I've mentioned I am posting a few more here. Thanks Drew!

This is 1/OF GALLERY.
It's a small intimate space on the second level of an open-spaced mall in a newly rising "city" in the south. The gallery is also a great place to hang out on afternoons when you find yourself doing nothing. Just sit at the table in front of it, poke your head at the railings, point at the people walking below with your lips and you can trade gossips about the interesting personalities that pass by... or simply smoke your cigarette and wonder what's for dinner.

... and that's the poster.

...and that's how it looks from outside.
Small space no? But big enough.

Jucar Racquepo and Friend (James?)
Snapped here talking to fellow alumnus/artist from UP.
Companions in art and (hic*) comrades too with bottles of beer in hand at Magnet Bar. Hehehe... one of these days I'll get the courage to do some sing-a-long at that place.

High School Teacher
Dig this! Chang, my high school geometry teacher was there with her husband Arnan, an old high school friend. :-)

Flower Vendor (For Diego) and Babae sa Pier
My own tribute to Rivera. I haven't written anything about this piece... yet.

A Boy and His Turtle
Another piece that I haven't really written about yet.

The Little Artist...

... and two peas in a pod.
Ryan, who just flew out of the country and dropped into Vietnam (Good Luck there Ryan!) and Drew, the hairiest bald guy I've known. He's like the brown Sasquatch, hehehe...

Present and Future :-)
I got this from Don Alano.
That's him in the foreground - the son and that's his father beside the flowers. ;-)

Well, that's the last of it. In a few days time, the euphoria will die down and life will go as it is, was and farther down the road, hopefully a better "will be".


Ebb Tide said...

Hi there! Good to see your other photos from your art exhibit. You know, I am curious about your colorful frames. You mentioned one time that your brother crafted them. What did he put around the frame? Look like metal or sculpture wire. Very nice look and something new for framing. By the way, is that "Little Boy W/ Turtle" sold? It look like a woman but your title says a boy. Can you tell me what size is it? I will send you part 2 of my last e-mail. I didn't have time yet to respond to those paintings you told me about.

palma tayona said...

yes, my brother did those frames. when i saw what he has done, i was simply surprised that he crafted them beyond what i was expecting.

yes, he placed those thick metal rods on those frames and shaped them like roots growing out of the wood. i really liked it. it looks so pretty funky. :-) oh, and might i add, he used solid wood and the paintings are placed on top. so, even if they're small, they're actually kinda heavy.

yes, the Little Boy with the Turtle, it's been sold. it's 2x2 feet. Other than "Mi Boda", which is about my parents, that piece has the most personal story behind it. as a matter-of-fact, i still am quite pretty unsure if i'd put the story in my blog for others to read.

the image was based on my oldest nephew marlo when he was around 11 or 12 and his pet turtle. i had difficulty when i was doing that piece for it was sort of "cathartic" and made me remember something in the past.

incidentally, it has a much earlier version done... oh, some 5 or 6 years ago.