Saturday, January 12, 2008


9” x 12”
pen and ink on paper

Nelson's Office

Nelson, an old friend from college, came home to the country with Norman to celebrate his birthday. It was planned months ago and I was pretty excited to meet him and talk about how things have gone through with each of our lives. I had thought of giving him something a bit more than the usual bottle of wine or perhaps a really nice shirt to remember the country he left behind for a life in Canada.

But things can happen in between. Tragedies and even fate can intervene with ones plans. When the day came and I received a short message that he is here, I thought, "Oh shit. I have nothing to give."

I dug through my pockets. I only had enough for bus fare to go to where he's staying and back home, and nothing else.

I ended up rummaging through my piles of drawings and picking a nice one for him.

"Damn, I just hope he likes this measly drawing. I guess - and I hope - this'll do as a gift," I was telling myself as I tried to carefully wrap the drawing with some brown paper and a ribbon recycled from a gift wrap of two years ago.

I gave it to him when I arrived at his hotel room.

We met our other friends.

We talked. Laughed. I cracked some Canadian jokes to Norman's delight.

It was good, really good to see an old friend.


I received this in my email today:

Hi Dan,

Here’s a view of my little (cluttered) office space, with your drawing on one wall. ;-) Thought you might appreciate this.

Hope you’re well, and good luck with your exhibit. I’m sure sisikat ka na (wag mo kaming kalimutan, ha?)



Sidney said...

The perfect gift for a friend... wonderful drawing!
Lucky Nelson !

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog. It leaded me here, and there is so many beautiful things to enjoy!

Unknown said...

What can be more special than something you made yourself? An artist’s work is the best gift there is. I read about your show in Senor Enrique’s site…would probably drop by next Saturday. Good luck!:)

palma tayona said...

@ sydney : i feel guilty though. i felt i should have been able to give something more substantial than just a drawing.

thank you.

palma tayona said...

@ del4yo : i actually downloaded the birdhouse cutout you have in your blogsopt. it's so... pretty. and i've made a little version of my own. :-)

though i speak no word of french, you've an admirer in me with your illustrations.


palma tayona said...

@ luna : thank you. hope to see you there. just poke the Big bald artist. it's not hard to miss me.


Nelson said...

Daaaaaaaaann!!! Langya ka, naiyak ako dun!

Luv you, darling! ;-)

Mari said...

It's always a special gift when handmade...especially an artwork by the artist himself.

Kiks said...

you rummaged through your stuff and got this very well-crafted "TOUCH ME" as possibly a second to the last choice for a gift.

he must have appreciated it by sending a photo of his office with your artwork in it.

i wonder, how do you feel about giving your opuses to friends as gifts?... with the "I guess - and I hope..."

palma tayona said...

@ nelson : ganun?? :-)

seriously, am actually pretty, well, flattered that like a song being sung, mine is a picture being hung.

palma tayona said...

@ mari : i never thought of it that way, but yeah, i guess you're right.

palma tayona said...

@ kiks : you wonder how i feel if i give my works to friends as a token? one word - embarrassed.

Nance said...

Nelson is a lucky guy! an original & signed drawing of a very talented artist is a keepsake!

good luck on your one-man show, it will be a success and over before you know it!

palma tayona said...

@ Nance : thank you.

quite frankly, luckier are those who have known nelson.

DatuPanot said...


the emotion depicted in the illustration is quite palpable. congratulations!
was it done in ink or pencil, i wonder?


palma tayona said...

it is ink. water and fade-proof ink. i use .1 or .2 unipoint drawing pen. i usually end up getting cross-eyed after a couple of hours of drawing.

thank you.