Sunday, January 27, 2008


20" x 24"
acrylic on canvas

"We'd turn on the radio to full blast, take the coconut husks and scrub the floor with it until it's so clean you can see your reflection," said Drew between mouthfuls.

“That’s pretty interesting. How often do you do that?” I asked while I dipped the big spoon into the bowl of rice for my second serving.

“Oh, almost every weekend. It’s like our bonding session. The two other girls I live with, we’ll just be in our undies and clean the whole apartment while shaking or singing along with the music. We like Madonna’s Like a Virgin. It’s fun.”

“The three of you?? That’s cool,” I quipped while I stood up to reach for another piece of adobo. “I think I outdid myself this time. I like this adobo,” praising myself.

“Yup. The three of us,” Drew said.

I had to add, “Wow, like the Vestial Virgins.”

“Hahahaha… Kuya naman,” Drew laughed at the thought.

“I think you should give yourselves a name. Hmm, how about Tatlong Maria?” I proclaimed.


“And maybe I can invite the three of you to clean my apartment,” I winked naughtily. “Don’t worry, I’ll cook this adobo again for the three of you.”

“Hahahaha, Kuya talaga…”

*note: Dang! I should take a picture again of this work. the blue ground isn't blue. It's torquoise green for pete's sakes. Aaaarghh...


john said...


Unknown said...

I like this painting, and can relate to girl-bonding by scrubbing the floor with coconut husk.:D All in the women and girls in my grandfather's house used to clean the house every Sunday morning. Scrubbing the stairs was my assignment, not in my undies though (hehe). But I did clean my apartment au naturel, singing with Rick Springfield, the broom as my guitar.:D

palma tayona said...

@ john : Thank you. :-)

palma tayona said...

@ luna : when i clean my apartment, i would play U2 and really sweat it out scrubbing and wiping everything.

Austen said...

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