Friday, January 18, 2008


I generally don't like having my pictures taken.
But this is different, I had no choice.
So, here it goes.
Some pictures from that night.
(Thank you Christine and Ted for the photos)

Shameless plugging: the shirt I am wearing is available at
I'll have the other images in my exhibit placed there soon. Check it out!

A couple of hours before the opening
Notice the beautiful blooms by Teddy.
When he found out that callas are a personal favorite, he used them for the show.

Early Birds!
Mom and Mama Ching
At the back is Anna from Singapore.
Karen the dentist below my apartment and

Vicky, the woman who shrieks from below. She's my morning coffee.

Two Bald Men (and a woman)
The Alano couple - Danny and Jay

Twosome Coo-some
Newly weds - dear friend Romano and his lovely wife Jing.

MI BODA on the window
The frame is one of my brother's creations.
I love how he used red.

An old friend
High school friend Dennis a.k.a. Siopao

Friday and friends
Better than Thursday and lived more than Saturday :-)
That's Dru with his back staring at the Man on a Red Bike.

Cool Guys!
Melo, John, Lew, Junand Jerry , who never fails to crack jokes at even the dullest moment.
Good friends all.

Bald Man Giving Thanks
Far left, that's Gigo and his wife Alyssa, Gary and Chrissy.
The Ambassador of Turkey and his wife.
Melo, John, Lew and Jerry.

Bald Man Talking
Talk, talk, talk with Nelson and Rico

...and still talking.

Neil, Bonen, Uriel, Sheila, my Brother (slightly hidden), the Bald Guy,
Lali, Jing, Ben and Dave.

If you haven't seen it yet, I am shamelessly, unabashedly and eagerly inviting YOU to visit 1/OF GALLERY, 2nd floor of Shops at Serendra, Global City, Taguig.
It'll be there until the 25th of January. Thanks!!


Big Bad Red said...

ok, ok...i'll send to you the photos...soon! ehehehehe ;)

palma tayona said...

... and I shall wait.

DatuPanot said...


kudos! your studio would be in my itin next time i'm in mla.


the amateur ear said...

Congratulations! Beautiful, breathtaking!

palma tayona said...

@ failed : thank you. i enjoyed reading your blog and your PAL flight (mis)adventures

Kiks said...

stands. and claps. and raves!

Anonymous said...

thanks my friend for granting my request.

alam mo, i was looking forward to meet your nephews pa naman, wala pala sila dun when i came. i guess, it is past their bedtime na, at school day pa kinabukasan.

akala ko yung "MI BODA", was your creation when i saw it... kaya pala parang iba yung features nung groom and bride... akala ko you meant it that way, kasi di ba sa blog mo before, the story was about your mom and dad... that was my second favorite, next to the "bald boy playing" series.

teka, parang mas mahaba pa yung post script kesa sa main body ng letter... hehehehe

palma tayona said...

@ bert : it's a school night. my nephews (my little critics) can't come.

what do you mean about MI BODA? it is my work and i decided to have it prominently placed at the window. it's the first thing one notices when passing by the gallery.

by the way, the other night, a young couple passed by the gallery window. the female told her boyfriend, "look oh. when we get married i want something like that done for us." (while she was pointing at the painting)

the guy looked at it and told her, "para namang litratong ilalagay sa ibabaw ng kabaong. (it looks like a picture placed on top of a coffin)"

i swore i wanted to throw the bottle of water i was holding at the guy. but then again, that's his point of view, and i laughed to myself.

thank you for coming bert! :-)

Mari said...

Wow! Looks like you really have a successful art nine time.

palma tayona said...

@ kiks : Thanks!

palma tayona said...

@ Mari : yeah, it was. but i am back to working again. i've to finish preparing for april 18th.

Ebb Tide said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your art show.Wish I could fly to Manila but couldn't do it sooner. I felt like I was there without the jet-lag. I noticed those lovely calla lilies, a reminder of Diego Riviera's favorite flowers. By the way, I am proud to post your latest art-show on my blog today. Hope you check it out. Good-luck on your next art show.

palma tayona said...

@ ebb : calla lilies are my personal favorite amongst all flowers. my friend Teddy specially placed them for the show when he found out it's my favorite.

thank you so much ebb! :-)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... slip of the eyes (making lame excuse => ) i thought u said in the caption in the "mi Boda" picture, that it was made by your bro... un pala the red frame was made by him... hehehehhe

Ebb Tide said...

I am dropping by again to thank you for that beautiful and wonderful coment you posted on my recent blog. Love your insight and artistic vision. Very inspirational and worth reading. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and dreams as an artist. I hope your viewers will visit my blog so they could read what you wrote there. It's worth sharing. If other's like to view it, please check it out here:

Anonymous said...

eto naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

leave a comment, ayt? =)

Hubert said...

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