Tuesday, January 1, 2008

LIVING/Stories - Exhibit

January 1. First day of the year. New beginnings.
This'll be the first day that will countdown towards my first one-man show.

I've officially begun to be jittery.

(Oh, and my brother - the father of Wiggy and Deus - is the one doing the frames. Shameless plugging.)

"… the most interesting part of my adventures is when it allows me to see things I thought I have buried for so long deep in my memories. One-by-one, I have to exhume these memories, these thoughts and "tell them" visually. It will take a lifetime of work to do that and I'm not really in so much of a hurry. Though I have to admit, some of these memories can be quite scary, the same way as some of them can be quite exhilarating." - July 21, 2007

On the 14th of January, Palma Tayona opens his first one-man show of paintings in a show titled LIVING/Stories. Known for the robustness of his images, the artist features some of the works done during the past two years.

Featured in his exhibit are several of his works that the artist would write about in his blog. His images, much the same way as his stories, have an innocent and light-hearted sentiment which are both a pleasure to see and read.

opens on January 14, 2008 at 7pm and will run until January 25. it will be held at 1/OF Gallery, 2 nd level Shops at Serendra, Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila.

For details call 9013152 or email at 1ofgallery@canvas.ph.

You could also visit www.canvasdownstream.com or www.canvas.ph.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Good Luck! Hope to see your exhibit! :)

palma tayona said...

thank you rhodora. you're the first one who said good luck since i posted this announcement today

Mari said...

I wish I could be there to see it in person. Sadly, I'm so far away, it's impossible.

Good luck and I wish you success!

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

nice. very nice. bow ako.

Kiks said...

two things, palma:

a) good luck on this. and write about whatever comes out of it. i'm sure it will be more than just fine.

b) read you in migs' blog and i was so proud of you. you did what you have to do and in one way, that gives a facet of you that is more than just someone who strokes a brush on white canvass.

you paint life. the video in my blog is definitely for you. and migs.

migs, the manila gay guy said...

i wanna go!

palma tayona said...

@ kiks : salamat po! nakapag-nobena na ako sa baclaran para lamang sa eksibit na ito. until that day comes, my life is basically at a standstill.

and yes, something, somehow will be written about it.

about that thing i posted in migs' blog, i'd say regardless of persuasion, it is simply human-ness and compassion at work. we all need a dose of it every now and then.

@ migs : yes, it'll be a pleasure to see you there at my exhibit. i've also placed an invite at mcvie's blog. i do hope he comes to. it'll be an extreme delight and pleasure to see people during the exposition of my works.

naks! ma-drama. :-)