Friday, July 20, 2007

The Moon and Swordfights

15" x 11"
pen and ink on paper

As a child, I'd play alone in my room at nights before I sleep. Toys for me were two pieces of wooden sticks nailed together as my sword and a chair that I'd climb on for my flying carpet. I would shout "Prinsipe Abante!" (I credit this one to too much television and an overdose of Bert "Tawa" Marcelo as the bungling prince) and spin like mad as i would "fly" off to my next adventure.

In my mind I create a mythical bird, the Adarna that flies into the night sky. I stretch out my arm with sword in hand to follow the bird's flight. Flying over emerald palaces and spinning and whirling with the wind in my hair on an unending desert landscape, I would fight fire-breathing dragons, consult with fat, jolly genies and i'd get to know a hundred other magnificent creatures.

Nights like these would pass, and in my child's mind, I live a hundred and one adventures. Only the moon would see me as I strike and engage with my "enemies". The sounds of fantastic fights would fill my thoughts and the four corners of my room... until my mother would shout from the next room. "Close the light and go to sleep!"

And in a flash, my adventure would end for the night. I scurry back to bed, pull up the covers and whisper to the moon, "Tomorrow you'll see me in battle again."



cacofonix said...

for a while there you pulled me into your own little boy's world of fantasy and adventure...

now that my bedtime story's over, i guess it's time for me to hit the sack too...:)

p said...

hello sir. this comment is totally not related to your post and I would like to, first of all, apologize for that.

I was just wondering if you'd care to review the first pages of the book i was writing. I thought of asking you to do it since your question in my blog, "what sort of individual would fit the profile of a proper jolog," was something I also initially struggled with.

I figured if I were to give you a peek into my pages, that you'd have an idea of what I have in store, and maybe critique me on what I may be missing out.

if you'd be willing, pls reply (here or on my page) on how I could send you the articles. thanks :)