Saturday, July 14, 2007


12" x 17", pen and ink on paper

(I am reposting this for my little nephew Zachary)

"Wiggy, Deus you will have a brother", my brother told his two sons on the arrival of his newborn child.

"Daddy... it's good na hindi babae", chirped Wiggy.

"Bakit naman?"

"Eh kasi Daddy, kapag babae ang taga-tagal bago mag-make-up, magbihis. Tapos ang tagal-tagal din sa banyo pag maligo. Tita Amor takes too long when she goes out."


10:00 p.m., my brother's carrying a little bundle - Zach.

"He wakes up at 9 every night. Then, we'd start talking to each other. I'd carry him. You see him giggle? (I actually see more the glint in my brother's eyes)"

"His doctor says Zach is growing up very healthy and strong-boned. He's becoming heavier and heavier by the day."

He gave me Zach to carry in my arms. My new nephew.

I said, "Ey, tol. Look at him."

He asks, "What?"

"Remember my baby photos in Mamu's bedroom when i was 5 months old?"

"What about it?", my brother asks as he comes closer.

"Zach here looks EXACTLY like I was when I was his age."

My brother looked at me quizically, then back to his son and said, "Patay."


Anonymous said...

Hi...Kids make us feel joyful always--truly heaven sent they are.

Thumper Art said...

oh, i do agree pretty much major tom. i still have to encounter a child, a babe, a tot... that hasn't put a smile on my face. :-)

they're a joy, and in their innocence, an eternal font of raucous laughter.

Unknown said...

Hi. I'm very happy to discover your blog via Señor Enrique's blog. It was "love at first sight" when I saw the flowers with the big yellow butterfly ... and now, I love everything I see and read in your blog!

I hope you'll do a roadshow someday so we - in Bacolod City - can see your masterpieces.

Consider me a regular visitor from hereon. :)

cacofonix said...

picture conveys a strong sense of family bond brought by the arrival of the latest addition to the brood. wonderful!

Thumper Art said...

@bugsybee: thank you. am glad you enjoy my little space in cyberland.

@cacofonix: yes, my folks, my siblings and their families... we're very close.

Anonymous said...

Ay, parang gusto ko na talagang magka-apo! hehehe.

I love your entries, Daniel - both your artworks and the stories that go along. :)

Señor Enrique said...

I love my nephews and nieces, especially when they were very young; mainly because at the end of the day, I can return them to my siblings where they belong :)


palma tayona said...

"...mainly because at the end of the day, I can return them to my siblings where they belong :)"

i can't wait for the day when my nephews are way past 20. i can hang with them and connect with them like the way i'd connect with friends at that age. but right now, i simply have to contend with them annoying me with their pranks. but of course, i can always get back at these kids when they need something from me. hehehe