Monday, February 9, 2009


Thanks to Liza, a few of my older works are now hanging at CHOCOLATE KISS Restaurant located at the corner of Roces Avenue and Scout Tobias in Quezon City. I first came across their food at their branch at the Bahay ng Alumni inside the U.P. campus. I would always find myself gravitating towards their restaurant whenever I find myself "roosting" inside the grounds of my former alma mater. I had no idea that Chocolate Kiss has this bigger branch along Roces Avenue. It has the same comfortable feeling I get with the one inside U.P., only now it's bigger.

Now comes the fun part - the food. I am an eater, not a gourmande. Serve me food and I'll gorge on it. As far as I am concerned, I eat anything - dead. I am a meat-eater and not much of a veggie person. But I have to admit, after having met Halmen at Halo Restaurant it opened my taste buds to the possibilities of eating vegetables.

With Chocolate Kiss, it is like eating my mother's cooking. It's comfortable (I figure that's why they call it comfort food), unpretentious and has this little touch that makes you feel like 12 years old again.

I like their cookies. They're freshly made and have these cute little designs that makes you feel like they're plucked out from a favorite children's book. I remember those little star-shaped cookies they made for Liza's exhibit in 1/OF Gallery. Both my cheeks were bursting full of them, I felt like I was some greedy kid stealing from the cookie jar!

Oh, and their pasta. Heavenly! (Forgive me Liza. I forgot the ingredients in that pasta that I came back for again and again) If you're female and conscious of your figure, take small servings of it and you'd feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But if you're like me, bulkier and a food gorger, you'd end up coming back again and again. I did. I could actually taste the pasta a week after I ate it and I sigh with a silly smile.

So for Valentine's, if you're on a date... go to that little corner along Roces. Heck! Forget Valentine's. Just go and eat there. You'll end up with a silly smile on your face days after you've tried the food at Chocolate Kiss. (Who knows, you might even get lucky with your date.) And while you're there, look up from your table and see a few of my works staring back at you.

Happy Valentine's!

(Damn... can somebody out there find me a date? Preferably someone who's not toothless and doesn't bark.)


Unknown said...

you don't like toothless dates? ok, let me attach my dentures (hahaha). your paintings are perfect in this restaurant, i may add.:D

palma tayona said...

@ Luna: HAHAHAHAHA... a friend suggested I date the toothless Manang selling cigarettes along T.M. Kalaw. Another said I should get a dog.

the amateur ear said...

Devil's Food Cake, yum, aaahhh.

Anonymous said...

@ amateur : Huwaw! you're up early. my mails were open and i get this comment from you at 6 a.m. :-)

am about to rummage my fridge for leftovers. hehehe, breakfast time.