Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Remember that group show where a couple of my paintings got hung in Bacolod? Well, Marga just sent me a few of the photos taken from the show's opening last Monday. Since I am stuck here in Manila, I am simply just going to look at the pictures in her site and I figured I'll post a few of them here.

You could see from above The Letter hanging on the right side. I figured since it's at the end of that long line of tables, he'll be taking a peek at all of them diners while they fork their food.

Those are the other artists in the group hanging the works. I figure they did that the day (or night maybe) before the show's opening which would make it a Sunday. I was here in Manila waiting for the full moon to come out. I also read somewhere that there was a lunar eclipse that night but I fell asleep on my floor watching another one of my long-winded dvd marathons.

That's CJ Tanedo's work (I don't know the title) hanging in one corner of the gallery/restaurant. He's got this "tragic sort of poetic" vibe going on for him in this work. In fact, one thing I like about this guy's works is that it reminds me of CY Twombly. CJ writes on his canvasses and it gently mixes in with the image.

That's the group above. Now let me see if I get this right.

Marga (the woman responsible for getting the other artists together, including me) is the one in that baby blue blouse. She's also my neighbor here in Pasay and I simply adored their family dog Bugsy. I once brought him home to my apartment and he left a huge dump on my wooden floor. He's so lovable I couldn't get mad. Unfortunately, he got "dognapped" and was cooked by some drunkards a couple of years ago. CJ Tanedo is the thin guy looking away from the camera.

Lindslee, he's that tall guy at the back. He did a residency in New York. He's an abstract painter who's pretty "heady" on the cerebral approach with his art making. He recently had this show with petrified stuffed chickens in a gallery. I love the biting humor of his works and the feathery creatures caught in mid-action. The other three artists in the picture (and I am guessing) is Michelle Pauline Lim, Japamala Arnaldo and Dulz Cuna. I am guilty (gun pointed at my head) for also not knowing the other two artists in the poster. Sigh...

I have no idea who the two ladies are who cut the ribbon - which is de rigeur in most art exhibit openings. Is that Nunelecio Alvarado I spot at the edge of the picture? Wow. I admire his paintings of the Sacadas. Powerful.

This is how the two paintings I sent there looked like on the wall. They're hanging there far, far, far away from me. Sigh... (no. 2)


If you'd like to see more pictures on the exhibit and what the other artists did in Bacolod, click through here. Marga uploaded them in her multiply site.


marga rodriguez said...

hi daniel, it's jojo austria na nasa likod (looking away from the camera).... Cj couldn't come to bacolod. Busy sa show ni andy barrioquinto bukas..

Anonymous said...

@ marga: my bad... so that's jojo austria. ooops!!! very bad of me...

Dabo said...

sir palma, nope. you were referring to johnstan. =) though i was standing there too in the hall way but after a few mins i easily blended with the wall after i arrived.

johnstan lives in antipolo

Anonymous said...

@ dabo : he was? okay, now i am officially confused