Friday, March 21, 2008


wala lang :-)

I might sound like a broken record for I think this is the second time I am mentioning the ROCK FOR JUAN PROJECT of Canvas. (click here) Heck, who cares?! I am repeating this not because I am part of the organization that's doing this gig BUT methinks this is an idea worth spreading.

On a personal level, since it's a Good Friday, I gave myself some time to think on why I am part of Canvas. (You could read the whole purpose of the foundation being as it is in it's homepage. It's there for all to see.)

... and I will attempt to do it semi-pictorially.

Yeah, it's for the kids.

I am a proud uncle to a barangay of children - little tykes who will grow to up be men and women who will continue to shape this country with others. And it is for them I am an artist.

It isn't just for the ego boost that if I make it someday as one, my descendants can say with a tinge of pride, "Uy, lolo ko yan", (that is, if they're not throwing eggs at my works and dissing it) but it's something deeper. It is to leave a tangible and "living" memory for them, to show them what I've learned now and perhaps they can know in the future.

Oh, and that's my youngest nephew Zach (picture on the right, above) being held by Bern. Isn't he cute? :-)

I love being Pinoy.

I cannot draw nor paint anything that is not part of my experience. As far as my experiences go, these are defined by my being Filipino. There's no other country that's more beautiful, more inspiring and more wonderful than that which I call home. (I just wish those who are in the position to lead us get their acts together)

Besides, I also think that Filipinos are the best-looking Southeast Asians, period.

Artists are cool.

It becomes more cool to know and rub elbows with some of the country's excellent young artists, to hear their ideas, to trade thoughts with them and to just simply be with people who see and experience things with brighter headlights.

A friend of mine has been encouraging me to come up with a scrapbook. Just imagine how many artists I get to know along the way. I can come up with a who's who sort of scrapbook. Hmmm...

Art makes life more interesting to live

Imagine this. Not only do you get to interact with these wonderful and highly creative individuals but there's always an explosion of colors, images and visual ideas that pop right in front of your eyes. These works of art excites not only the mind and eyes but are a soothing salve to the soul.

Yeah, that's what Canvas is right smack in. Art. And what better time to be in it than now, when the Filipino artist is slowly and steadily gaining his own share of the spotlight in the world.

Yup, right now. Philippine ART - it rocks!


These, and I am very proud to say, are some of the books and items we have produced at Canvas. To date, we've produced or have been part of more than half a dozen very successful art shows and been part of several artists careers.

...some of the posters I did for our group's events and exhibits.

And there'll be more to come. :-)

By the way, I got this very beautiful Limited Print from Plet Bolipata.
Thanks Plet!

Some of the photos above I filched from a wonderful photographer/blogger's site
SeƱor Enrique. Thanks Eric!

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