Monday, March 17, 2008


Last Saturday, we had a rockin' time with some of the artists involved in our next kick ass project at Canvas. It's our ROCK AND ART PROJECT for October. It was a party to get the artists together and those who came had a grand time at the new Canvas Gallery in Quezon City.

To commemorate that event, we came up with this t-shirt designed by yours truly - me. We gave it out to the artists during the event and after the Holy Week, these cool limited tees will be available at 1/OF GALLERY in SERENDRA.

Note: I like this t-shirt. It makes me look thin. Hehehe... ROCK ON JUAN!!!


A while back I was chatting online with a dear friend and he told me, "Tayona you had a pa-contest online pala. Sige, spread the love. Sabihin mo - a very good friend of mine- arthur- owns this but wants it to be raffled off."

Hahaha, okay. I will take up his offer on this one. He owns several works of mine and he was never able to pick up one in my place when he moved to the U.S.

Watch out for it on my next post!!


Ebb Tide said...

Nice T-shirt! Love to wear black dress, top and pant like many Americans because black makes you look thinner. Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

My rocker son would love to have one of these tees. :)

SeƱor Enrique said...

"I like this t-shirt. It makes me look thin."

I want one of these tees. Is it available now at 1/OF? How about at the gallery you mentioned in Quezon City?

palma tayona said...

those shirts are available at 1/of. :-)

the gallery i mentioned here, THE CANVAS GALLERY is open by appointment. :-)