Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Story of O
pen and ink on paper
11" x 17"

As promised in a previous post, I have decided to give in to Arthur's request to give out this work (featured above) that he's never been able to get from my place since he moved to another country. (It's paid for, so this piece actually has monetary value, hehehe...)

Like The Angel I previously gave out, the mechanics for this one would be pretty simple. HOWEVER, instead of being the "nth person to post in the comments" section, I've raised the ante a little bit.

Simply write 3 Reasons on WHY you want it. The most creative (it doesn't matter whether you do it through song and dance in a video, written word or even through drawing) gets it. That's it.

If you like to know more of this piece, well... click here. I've written something about it a long time ago.

I will forward all responses to 4 people, namely Shy, Ben, Andre (three very dear people who know all the sordid details about this piece and its history) and its soon-to-be former owner Arthur. They'll be judging as to whose response will be best.

By the way, I urge those who'll send a post in the comments section to leave an email address so it'd make announcing to the person who gets it a bit more easier. :-) (Sorry but I cannot accept comments marked "anonymous". It feels weird receiving anonymous notes, like it's from a ghost or something.)

The deadline? Hmmm... exactly the stroke of midnight of March 30, 2008 (Manila time). I will announce the winner, five days after the deadline.

That's all I guess. Good luck.

Oh, and uhm... Thanks!!!

Donnie, if you're reading this, Thank you man. :-)


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful piece! I want to have that but then the problem is I dont know where to put it here. But it will look good in our apartment back home in Bergen.

joelmcvie said...

Haylaveth! Pa-contest ka na ng pa-contest, ha. Pretty soon yours will be a reality-painting show/blog/chorvahlen, LOL!

palma tayona said...

@joel: hmmm....

Anonymous said...

daniel, ang default site ko na po ay eto: my blogspot is still up and running but it's already merged with my multiply site...

o, asan na ang mga entries? does that mean that sheila, andre and i are automatically disqualified because we're judges? hahahaha.


Andre said...

napakatahimik mo naman ata yan ba ang nagagawa ng kalungkuntan :-)

Ebb Tide said...

FIRST- I'd be proud to own a pen and ink art work by a promising Filipino artist named Daniel Palma Tayona.
SECOND-I don't own any original pen and ink art work. It will be great to have my first pen and ink collection.
THIRD- Would love to display this art work in our home and brag about it to many Filipin-American friends.
You can contact me on this e-mail address:

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

My Three Reasons (and you did tell us to be creative)

1. A Story


“Hey Josh, they won’t let me in. Can you tell the security people I’m … uhh … your friend or something?”
“Yeah, well, you can tell them you’re my younger brother or something.”
“Your brother? Why should I tell them that?”
“Well, I don’t want them to think we’re going out. Besides, I have a date coming over tomorrow, and I don’t want them to think otherwise. They might give her trouble or something.”

2. A Memory


I didn’t expect to read about it…

Strumming my pain with his fingers

…especially in a blog about art and stories, but there it was. Somehow, for some strange reason, I was…

Singing my life with his words

…drawn to the four short stories he wrote and the drawing that he posted. I couldn’t breathe for two seconds, thinking he must have been…

Killing me softly with his words

…listening in on my phone calls or eavesdropping years and continents away. But he couldn’t have been…

Killing me softly with his words, telling my whole life

…there. So I guess it was just coincidence. But jeez…

With his words, killing me softly

…I couldn’t believe it…

3. A Poem

I painted the wall
Blue today
I began at daybreak
And ended just before
You came in through the door
You looked at the wall
“It’s blue.”
Yes, it is. I replied.
So am I, I thought.
“It looks lonely.”
It does.
I do. I am.

…and the framed drawing will look FABULOUS on it!

*thanks for the heads up! MWAH!*

email: bading.gerzie at gmail