Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Last Sunday, we (meaning the people behind canvas) had a book launch of CANVAS TALES - 3 Ecofables for Children. It was a fun afternoon for the kids and adults who came. Am posting some of the pictures here, courtesy of Sheila and Gigo's facebook. I stole these from them. Hehehe...

Nothing dampens the spirit of Ali (Gigo's youngest daughter) even if the afternoon heat outside was so oppressive. Dressed in pink, she was like a tiny butterfly flitting to and fro the whole place always grinning and laughing.

That's also how we set up the gallery in the background. Some of the original paintings and prints of the images from the book were hung for everyone to see.

Liza Flores (in white) is the wonderful lady who did the images for STAR THROWER in the book. And that's me making a bet with Ali that if she beats me in rocks, scissors and paper she can ride on my back and be her neighing "horsey" for that afternoon. Luckily, I won.

Liza (above) and Plet (photo below) signing the book for the two brothers - Paolo and Patrick...

... while I was busy making the pitch that this book was designed by an excellent book designer... ahem, me. :-)

Delan reads a letter sent by Paul Aird from Canada, the author of The King and the Royal Trees.

Nothing gives me more pleasure to know that every time I design a children's book, it becomes dog-eared and frayed later on. Why? because I know that the child who owns the book reads it.
Here it is being read in front of a group of these kids during the launch.

Emong (Elmer Borlongan) signs a copy of another book I designed - The Rocking Horse - for an avid fan of his works while Plet poses with a shirt printed with an image of her painting - I Am Doing What I Can.

Some of the kids brought along their puppy.

Some of the kids brought along their mommies.

While some brought their daddies and granddaddies.

I ended up being Ali's monkey bar after I lost in our rocks, scissors, paper challenge. At least she didn't make me neigh this time.

The whole affair was fun. Lots of food. Lots of laughter. Great people. Great art. And lots of shrieking happy kids. I do hope to see the book 3 CANVAS TALES in every kid's book shelf with the rest of the books from Canvas.

Here's a shameless promotion:

The book - 3 CANVAS TALES sell for PhP800.00 (about 16 dollars). It is well-thought of and designed (I'd say one of the best I've designed for Canvas)... and is a keeper of a book. It can be bought online at (also with our other books) or at 1/OF Gallery in Serendra, Taguig City.

On Saturday, March 14th, we'll be joining Art in the Park to be held the whole day at Salcedo Park in Makati, do drop by and check out the Canvas booth.


Bjornik said...

Dan, you look very busy nowadays. Congratulations nga pala sa successful launch niyo. I can see andaming pumunta and malaki din pala ang book na hawak ni Mr. Borlongan. T di ka na tinantanan ni Ali ah!haha

Onga pala matagal na ko in love noh, Bella Luna was a commissioned work.:)

palma tayona said...

@ bjornik: yeah. busy nga. lalo na itong nakalipas na weekend. masaya yung launch ng libro at, as i always say, the bookj makes me feel like christmas. hehehe...

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