Sunday, March 29, 2009


Our PACIFIC RIM PARK PROJECT is definitely a go… 25 students from China, South Korea, the United States, Russia, Mexico and of course the Philippines are converging in Manila on May 3 and head off to Palawan on May 5. We will launch the park in Puerto Princesa on Saturday, May 30. We don’t know what it will look like yet, but we’re going to have a blast finding out!

To celebrate the opening, we’re finally realizing our OUTDOOR BANNER PROJECT on March 30. Just to give you a refresher, as part of CANVAS’ Looking for Juan program, we are organizing a group exhibit and are asking artists to produce original works on the theme of “What It Means to Be Filipino.” But we will also use the images to produce large tarpaulin banners that will then be exhibited in a public park or space (definitely now in Puerto Princesa on May 30, and in UP to line the Academic Oval with the banners in June just in time for opening of classes and Independence Day), so that people can also walk, enjoy and reflect upon them in a non-intimidating and relaxed environment.

After the end of the outdoor exhibit, we will take the banners and bring them to TrasheBolsas, a livelihood project that provides advice and assistance to poor local communities to transform used tarps into unique, strong, durable bags that would then be sold for charity. We’ve identified Padyak, a UP Mountaineers-led organization that promotes cycling and environmentalism in UP, as our main beneficiary for this project.

As for the original works, those that are submitted early or in time will be showcased on May 12 at the CCP. So far, participating artists include Daniel Aligaen, Mark Arcamo, Ral Arogante, Anton Balao, Plet Bolipata, Malyn Bonayog, Elmer Borlongan, Michael Cacnio, Buen Calubayan, Jef Carnay, Marika Constantino, Dansoy Coquilla, Don Dalmacio, Kawayan de Guia, Kidlat de Guia, Crisanto De Leon, Maan De Loyola, Farley del Rosario, Anthony Fermin, Tina Fernandez, Karen Flores, Emmanuel Garibay, Sajid Imao, Agang Maganda, Josue Mangrobang, Lotsu Manes, Roel Obemio, Jay Pacena II, Anthony Palomo, Jucar Raquepo, Iggy Rodriguez, Kirby Roxas, Mark Salvatus, Rodel Tapaya, Daniel Tayona, Wesley Valenzuela and some 20-30 students from the UP College of Fine Arts.

But we’re still inviting, waiting to hear and accepting more works from other artists and writers (so we can present their words on the Filipino identity on some of the banners as well), and those other works will be exhibited in various other venues in June as well. We hope to have gathered at least 100 participants by then.

It's all very very exciting!

* Submitted works by Josue Mangrobang, Daniel Aligaen, Mark Arcamo and Anton Balao.

If you're an artist and interested in joining, send an email to or log on here.

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