Sunday, April 27, 2008


I simply cannot contain my anger towards those individuals who continue, with their ignorance and blatant unconcern, to disregard the basic right of an individual for privacy, respect and dignity.

I have seen, watched and read reports of these so-called medical "professionals" in the Vicente Sotto Medical Center scandal and what they have done is utterly deplorable.

I can vent my anger the only way I know how.



SeƱor Enrique said...

The way those doctors performed the operation was supposedly highly commendable, but their idiotic and insensible antics were totally uncalled for and mean.

Anonymous said...

i tried to see things in a different angle. i read in one blog that "allegedly" the patient allowed a cellphone cam to take pictures for him to prove that he was violated. but regardless, the whole thing in the O.R. was a totally irresponsible circus. it was clearly violating a basic human right.

i hate to think that these medical "professionals" can actually make a travesty of their profession.

very, very, very stupid.

Anonymous said...

in a similar news report on abs-cbn, a priest (bishop? cardinal? don't remember now) was interviewed, and was saying something on the line of..."blahblahblah, the bigger issue here is the man's homosexuality and his immoral acts".

"dumbfounded" can't even begin to describe my utter disbelief with what my ears were hearing.


Anonymous said...

There may be moral issues in that incident, however, that doesn't mean that that guy could be and should be treated that way. These doctors are supposed to be professionals who should also value their patients privacy over very sensitive matters. With doctors like that, and some priests adding insult to the injury, where is this world going now?

the amateur ear said...

@Anonymous 6:23 PM,

That's the Philippines for you. And unfortunately, for us, too.

I'm still waiting for Dakay to apologize. So far, none has come.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you didn't post the You Tube video! What those supposedly "intelligent" health professionals did was deplorable.
And yes, that priest who turned a blind eye the doctors and nurses’ unethical behavior but didn’t blink in criticizing the victim’s sexual preference should be ashamed of himself. I wonder if Father is also quick to censure his fellow men in robes who are gay and have molested children.

palma tayona said...

I think posting the video here in my blog would simply add insult to injury. The victim has suffered enough, I've no intention of joining the mob and ridicule him further in his suffering.

As for the priest, I think he's simply being a mouthpiece for an organization that is the church, and we all know the church's position on homosexuality - condemn the sin, not the sinner.

As a fellow human being and a catholic, IF the statement was issued out of malice and contempt for the sexuality of the victim, I believe it puts him (the priest) in the same position as that of the call boy. If the statement was irresponsibly issued, that makes him a rapist himself.

p.s. I haven't watched the ABS-CBN news report nor heard the priest's statement. I am basing my reaction on written news reports online.