Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My Morning Coffee
20" x 24"
pen and ink on paper

“Hey Dan! I read on this blog that Robert Duffy is here!”

“Who?”, I asked J on my mobile while I was stirring my regular one teaspoon of black coffee and two teaspoons of brown sugar to jumpstart my still wobbly brain. I hate mornings like this when I lack sleep and I carry around myself like dead weight on a cool cloudy day that whispers into my ears that enchanting word “sleep”.

“What do you mean “WHO”? Robert Duffy. The business partner of Marc Jacobs. You don’t know him? Ano ka ba?” she exclaimed in a high-pitched irritated voice – too irritating for the ear on a morning like this.

“Oh, yeah. That’s nice”, I was trying to sound chirpy though the only thing I can manage was a throaty, crackly voice. Something was stuck in my throat that I needed to expectorate on the kitchen sink. "Haruuumph!! Chraachtooee!"

My coffee in one hand, I walked heavily towards my living room still clutching my mobile to my ear.

“What time is it?” I asked her.

“Six,” she quipped.

“So, what about this Duffy guy,” I grunted.

“They’re finally going to open a Marc Jacobs store in Greenbelt 5. Eeeek!! I am soooo excited. I can’t wait until it opens. I want those bags and those dresses and those accessories. Hear oh. I am palpitating,” she squealed.

For a few seconds there was silence on the other end. I tried to imagine, in my half-awake state while sitting on the floor naked with a coffee mug, that this crazed woman was clutching, prayer-like her mobile to her chest making me listen to her thumping thump-thump beating heart.

“Oh, sige. Gotta go. When the store opens, you accompany me ha? Byeiii…” and she bids me goodbye in my own dazed silence, in that morning, on the floor, naked with my coffee mug in my hand wondering… Marc Jacobs who?


Nelson said...

he he he I actually don't know who this Robert Duffy guy, but Marc Jacobs (for the fashionistas) sorta became famous back in the early 90s for his grunge fashion.... don't worry, you're not missing anything much. He hasn't made any significant fashion splash since the 90s.... ;-)

palma tayona said...

hahaha... ako rin. i had to check google him pa. it took me a while too before my brain actually registered the name Marc Jacobs. it's as if i can even afford those bags he makes. hehehe... but i have to admit, some of his designs are quite funky and i love 'em when i saw pictures.

but honestly, i am more excited to see Juday in Ploning. :-)

Señor Enrique said...

He was Seventh Avenue's darling when he started to enter the scene. His career went into a roller coaster, but glad that he managed all the hurdles.

He's a nice guy; a mensch.

palma tayona said...

why do i feel like i just came out of a cave? :-)

ubt i still like marc jacobs bags when i saw them online. :-) i wish i have the money.

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

AGREE! His things are always soooo expensive and not all of them last one season. Some of his bags are notoriously flimsy.

... and thanks again for the painting! Super happy!!!! :*-D

Unknown said...

I didn't know Marc Jacobs either...i bought a small Marc Jacobs bag in Dallas last year (because it was on sale...but still a bit pricey). My fashionista cousin saw the bag when I got home and she went berserk!:D

the amateur ear said...

Last year in San Francisco entered a Marc Jacobs store and saw flimsy wallets, oversized bangles, all sorts of accessories, the type you could buy in divisoria for a song.

It's just what this country needs. Another over-priced luxury goods store so our elite could forget about the rest of the country going down the drain.