Friday, February 15, 2008

Ben Dunlap on TED

One scandal after another. Political maneuverings. Interest groups forming rallies. Wowowee and bad writing. A lot of hullabaloo and a cacophony of voices trying to outdo each other. That's what our country, our city has become.

It has become so tiring I have tuned off my television months ago. And Like my tv, I also "tuned out". I chose not to read the papers (it's all full of lies anyway) and simply try to find new ways to be inspired by greater thinkers in a world that is bigger than Manila.

... and then I found this on It is Ben Dunlap's (a president of a small college in North Carolina) talk about justice, a life-long passion for learning and the simple truth of a Hungarian's belief that humans are fundamentally good.



the amateur ear said...

Tuning out of Philippine politics... Congratulations, welcome to the club! Life is too short to fixate with such spectacles of greed and selfishness.

palma tayona said...

it's called "preserving one's sanity". :-)

Kiks said...

hope. that's what keeps our sanity.

palma tayona said...

... add to that a pinch of a smile. ;-)