Saturday, February 9, 2008


Ako at Si Nanay
14" x 22"
pen and ink on paper

Sorting through some of my piles on a quiet Saturday evening, I unearthed a small book of poetry by a favorite Irish poet - Seamus Heaney, 1995 Nobel Prize for Literature. How time flies so fast that I have forgotten this tiny tome.

I thought I'd post a favorite poem from the book - short, crisp and beautiful - alongside a drawing I have that I dedicate to all mothers and infants I have known so far.


An August Night

His hands were warm and small and knowleadgeable.
When I saw them again last night, they were two ferrets,
Playing all by themselves in a moonlit field.

by Seamus Heaney
from his book "Seeing Things", 1991


Anonymous said...

pag nagmahal ka na, mas masarap mag celebrate ng valentines! lol

bitter! bitter! Hahaha

palma tayona said...

ahem, i'll just smile. :-)

Nance said...

... short and sweet, that's how i see it.

the amateur ear said...

Hi! A coincidence. I've been thinking of writing a post on the Madonna and Child theme.

I had a professor in UP who was chummy chummy with Seamus Heaney. His name is Martin Anderson, a visiting brit prof, and he and Seamus Heaney used to stay in a castle in Scotland (or was it Ireland?) together.

palma tayona said...

lucky him. :-)

i had a german professor back in college who used to shack up with another favorite famous figure of mine - eli wiesel. our old professors sure had been lucky to rub elbows with intellectual celebrities.

come to think of it, the only "celebrities" i got to rub elbows with are those jumping buffoons in Wowowee... sigh.

Andre said...

and his oblivion shattered me like a jar...