Thursday, February 16, 2012


I haven't written even a single word in this blog for like a gadzillion years!

I have this overwhelming sense of being like Prince Charming (yeah, fancy me being one) walking through thick brambles and thorny plants as high as the great wall of China and discovering behind it a long forgotten castle. I open its creeking gates with the rusty hinges and lo and behold, a magnificent edifice untocuhed by human hands for hundreds of years. THAT is exactly how I feel when I managed to open again this blog and WRITE something.

And what great news I will be writing here. Yup, great news indeed. In a matter of days, I.... moi... will be published as a children's book author AND illustrator. The illustrator part isn't new really. It's the "authoring" part that's tickling me pink.

As a teaser to myself, and to whoever it is that manages to stumble into this corner of cyberspace, here are two images from "ze book". It will be out... soon.


Note: The editors and me are still in the process of refining the pages, so some things might still change. I am so, oh, excited. :-)

And yes, it is mainly in Tagalog and I also wrote the English translation. (I am eating a Kitkat now while I wait for the editors' notes. Thump-a-thump-thump...)


rudeboy said...

Congratulations, Daniel.

What a thrill, I'm sure ;)

palma tayona said...

It is. Very much it is.

Thank you.

the amateur ear said...

Welcome back!!! I've missed your blog!