Sunday, November 22, 2009


Originally done in ink on Mi-Teintes Canson paper
10" x 12"

This is what I have been busy with after the two exhibits were done. So far, I've done about eight images of these yoga poses and is going to grow in number. (It would depend I guess as to how many poses there are in yoga.) I watched a yoga class in nearby Malate and was amazed at how limber the huffing hefty heffers were.

Through Victor's facebook, these images are going to be turned into these:

T-shirts! (yes!)

Yoga bags (cool!)
Postcards (awesome!)And it's going to be part of 'Love My Body' collection.

The project's intro was written as...

'Love My Body' presents Daniel Palma-Tayona

There is always a story attached to every character that Daniel Palma-Tayona paints. Whether be it romantic, tragic, ethereal, surreal, or just a day in the life anecdote, Dan captures it on canvas and gives it a touch of whimsy by using his trademark full-bodied figures.

This season he lends his artistry to ‘Love My Body with commissioned works featuring healthy full-bodied figures in Yoga Poses.

I like it. Pretty neat huh?
(Maybe I should start doing yoga as well.)


foutfolk said...

This concept and artistry is great. I may want to order a T from you. How would I do that?

garth (theartroomarchives)

kweezter said...

The yoga bag is sooo cool! Is it available?

palma tayona said...

these items are available from victor. his email is...