Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My entry to the group show "LOOKING FOR JUAN - What does it mean to be Filipino?"

Being Pinoy is to live.

It is to be free and have the choice to forgive and be forgiven for all the past inequities of our collective history.

Being Filipino in these times is to be able to find our own future unburdened by the weight of our past. It is to understand and believe in hope.

"So Jordee... you actually keep yourself abreast with those Tagalog movies??!" I exclaimed while I was chatting online with my Filipino-Canadian friend who grew up in Alberta. "I don't even watch those. They're so... tacky!"

"C'mon Dan. These Tagalog movies, they rock! I like the John Lloyd/Sarah Geronimo movie. So cute. Hehehe..." he chimed in. In my mind I could imagine him with his feet up sitting on his easy chair, wearing his favorite hockey team's jersey, with a hockey stick on his lap, eating popcorn... and laughing at every teeny-bopper antic of a cheek-flushed Sarah Geronimo flirting with her on-screen paramour, John Lloyd Cruz while it's sub-zero outside in the streets of Edmonton. Something seems so odd with this image in my mind.

"And besides, that's my only connection to the Philippines. I can't go back there all the time. Watching these movies, not only can I relate to them, it also kinda keeps me in touch with what's there. Pinoy forever. LOL," he added.

"Then you should also watch the biggies in Filipino movies like Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal, Eddie Romero," I added, "These directors made movies in the 70's and beyond. Their movies could give you a bit more peek into our collective past as Pinoys. Excellent ones too."

"Wow! Are they still alive?" he asked.

"They're dead," I responded.



"They're dead and made movies in the 70's. I wasn't even born then," he reminded me.

"I thought you might wanna read about them and download their movies online," I added.

"Geesh... you're old man. Hehehehe..."

"Oh, shut up and just watch that effing John Lloyd movie," I said.

"Hehehehe..." Jordee replied.


Nelson said...

Oh Dan! Believe it or not, they're my connection back to all things Pinoy. Mas baduy, the better! ;-)

Bella Sinclair said...

Dan, it's great to see you back. You've had quite a bit going on. This is another incredible painting. Very strong, very optimistic. Congratulations on the exhibit. It looks mighty impressive, all those amazing works hanging together in that beautiful building.

And your Bliss exhibit! Fabulous! It looks like a great destination, so colorful and serene. I like that gecko on the ceiling. I laughed very hard at the photo that the Chinese man took of you in front of the church. Beautiful, beautiful photos. It must be a breathtaking place.

And I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of your friend Ace. I'm glad to see he enjoyed his last years, living it to the fullest and just as he wanted.

Anonymous said...

uy, chika lang, cute daw yang jordee.