Sunday, April 5, 2009


I took some pictures from the KRISTO 2009 exhibit using Marga's camera and I figured I'd post some of them here. It all happened last April 2 at Botong's Up - a 3-floor bar that's surrounded by paintings. The top floor serves as an exhibit space and a bar. Pretty cool joint. First time I've been there.
That's Delan Robillos, the guy who runs ARTery Manila talking with Buds Convocar and... (okay, I will be nailed to the cross during Lent) his name escapes me... :-( sorry! I know he's the guy who does these colorful abstracts and cool t-shirts.

At the back is the bar where I stayed up most of the night taking advantage of the free booze. It's a Thursday before the Holy Week and I wanted to guzzle up on as much alcohol as I can before I'd take a leave from it.

The Kristo 2009 exhibit began eight years ago and was started by...... Salvador Ching (that's him on the left with the black t-shirt and ponytail) as a sort of yearly devotion for the Holy Week. He started with a group of artist friends in a small gallery in the north of Manila - Bulacan. Two years after it got started, it was moved here in Manila and every year there's always a new addition to the artists joining this group show.Norman Dreo staring into space. He paints these elaborate, hyper-realist works with social realist themes that can dwarf his small frame. I wonder what he's thinking. I followed his gaze and he was simply staring into space.
Here's another guy whose back I secretly took a picture of. I think his name is Villanueva and he's the young man who did the painting in the topmost middle. I am guessing, but I think he comes from either the University of the East or Far Eastern University's School of Fine Arts. I may be wrong but I have seen that manner of painting coming out from the kids from those two schools - using drawing and basic line shapes to build up their works. Pretty interesting and it has this editorial approach to it.

I also remember Roel Obemio complaining that he forgot to put the eyebrows on his work when he was done with it (the painting with the piggy bank). I stared at it and told him, that it is complete without the eyebrows. In fact, I thought it was better he didin't put the eyebrows on. It'd have looked more like a shadow.
Oh look! I see something familiar hanging on the wall. Hehehe...... and another view of the bar/gallery leading to the terrace where some of the people would retreat to smoke their lungs out and enjoy the evening breeze.
Of course, I can't resist taking another picture of "her" hanging on the wall. I found it funny though that the painting beneath her are of two skinny legs.And the most interesting piece for me is the one done my Jucar Racquepo (the one on top). Satirical, biting social criticism and it reminds me of that poster with the image of card-playing dogs. I simply love it.


Bella Sinclair said...

Oh FABULOUS! What a great night. So many people, and your painting looks absolutely marvelous up there. The stained-glass colors of your work are gorgeous. And I must admit, I didn't notice the feet below her until you mentioned it, and then I couldn't stop connecting the two. :D

Congratulations on a fantastic exhibit!

palma tayona said...

@ bella: lol, thanks. now i too can't seem to shake the image of skinny legs on my Magdalena.

Happy Easter!!