Monday, January 26, 2009



if i promise to be a better kid, would things finally go my way?

if i promise that this is the last cigarette i’ll ever smoke
or the last bottle of beer i’d ever drink
will i be free of all sickness my entire life?

if i promise to change for the better just to have you sit next to me
will i ever see you again?

will i be able to have my bestfriend back?

we used to sit here.
and now i’m sitting alone.
looking out the window, i’d like to say, that, ill just see you when i see you.
but until that day,

i’d still ask questions.

i would still wonder why.
i would still die out of curiosity

i would still wish you were here

sharing everything that is around me.

i’m sitting on the same exact chair

where you sat before,

hoping i’d know and i’d realize,

how was it to be you.
then maybe i could find answers then.

maybe i’d understand why you left.

i miss you andrei
i miss my bestfriend.

if ever you saw him here,

tell him i'd still wait.

by: Anonymous


Written below is a conversation with Halmen as I was waiting inside her restaurant on the Sunday evening of the 25th of January .

"You think it's written by a boy?" Halmen asked after I read what was written on the sheet.

"Yeah, I would believe so. The penmanship's of a young guy, perhaps between 20 to 23 years old and would be working in one of those bpo offices nearby," I told her as she was pouring me another cup of coffee.

"I never thought of that. Hmmm, whoever wrote it left it there on the table," she said as a young couple came in from the door, took the table beside us and opened the menu. "I've tacked it on the restaurant's board. Maybe someone would see it, or perhaps "Andrei" would."

"That would be a nice way to start a painting no?" she suggested.

"Yeah, I think so too," I replied. "I wonder what happened to his best friend."


Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, that's sad. I hope Anonymous is not frantically searching for his lost letter, either. That would be salt upon the wound. Please let us know if Andrei ever shows up.

Yay hooray on the Feb show! Congrats!

palma tayona said...

@ bella: thanks bella! :-) i hope he finds his letter. it's tacked on the board of the restaurant. and i hope he finds andrei too.

Anonymous said...

aw..kuya its wistfully sad..keep us updated..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

@ andrew: i have no idea who andrei is and who wrote this. yeah, it is kinda sad. i wonder... if andrei (or whoever wrote that letter) would find that i posted his little poem online