Sunday, December 7, 2008


"One of them could have just simply said "thank you" instead of just trooping inside. I shouldn't have opened the door and wasted my effort," I confided to Sheila as I took my seat at the table in the restaurant.

"Oh, you're pissed. What's the matter?" she asked.

"It's that troop of fat-assed ladies over there that just came in," I told her as I pointed to her the three women and a kid at the far end of the room. " I was heading for the door in front of them. I could have just went in but instead I held the door open for them to let them pass through first. Guess what?? Not one of them even said "Thank You". Even doormen whose job it is to open doors for people are given those two simple words. I'm NOT even an employee of these restaurant," incensed, I took a french fry and plopped it in my mumbling mouth.

"Hayaan mo na. (Let it go)," she quipped as the burgers were laid on the table by the waiter.

I looked at George (the waiter) and said, "Thank you."


I figured I'd say THANK YOU for all those who have read what I wrote here, looked at the pictures in my blog and have typed down a word or two. The lives we all lead might be busy. The times might have changed. The digital world have somehow changed the kinds of interactions we have with one another. But I still think, nay, I still believe we'd have to say a simple THANK YOU to one another.

It's a good reminder of our own human-ness. :-)



p.s. Thank Goodness. Pacquiao won. WOOHOOOOO!!!!
14" x 20"
pen and ink on paper


Sana said...

maraming salamat dan! =)

palma tayona said...

@sana: ahay! walang anuman. :-)

nutart said...

o, di natuto kang magpasalamat ;-D. our teachers daw are those who show us how it feels to be at the other end of whatever we tend to check ourselves never to do it to our kapwa!
Tenk you din!...for entertaining me with your creativity, dan!

sandy said...

dan, please please please call me if you can - i PMed you in multiply, but here are my #s again: 0917-5222100 / 0922-8316670 / 4386197 (mornings only)


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Bjornik said...

u're welcome!nyahaha

palma tayona said...

@ nutart: oo nga. hehehehe... walang anuman po.

palma tayona said...

@ sandy: yup, yup... will ring you up tomorrow morning.

palma tayona said...

@bjornik: burning the midnight oil lamp eh? :-)

Bjornik said...

nagpapaantok lang. basa lang bedtime stories ko!haha

Ebb Tide said...

Thanks and salamat for your simple but persuasive article about saying "Thank You." It's a magic word we should often used.

Anonymous said...

@ ebb: yes, methinks it is a phrase we shouldn't forget to say. but not just to say it for the sake of saying it, but to actually mean it well. :-)