Sunday, August 31, 2008


Friday (the cool rocker former gallery chic of 1/OF Gallery) once called me "uber-tacky" for listening and actually enjoying the songs of Sound Garden. I'd play it in the gallery over and over again, and I particularly love the Animal Song. She once said, "Dan, I have this vision of banging my head on the wall every time I hear you play Sound Gareden." I'd reply, "I also like Pearl Jam and the other cool bands. It's just that Sound Garden is... melodious, happy and cute."

What Friday doesn't know, and I am not sure if I ever revealed this, but I absolutely enjoy Radiohead. Their music and videos have this edgy-designer feel to it that when I listen (and literally see their songs in video) I feel like I am warping my brain to another "experience".

I am putting this video "House of Cards" here where they've innovated (again) on the way music is "seen".

Frankly, I feel like I am watching an MRI scan coming to life. Way cool!


Anonymous said...

I love Radiohead! I also like Snow Patrol (particularly love their song "Run"). Actually, this is the kind of music that I truly dig. At my age, (53), most people, especially the young 'uns frown at me when they see me listening to rock music. But I tell them.. Hey, I was a rocker first, before you became one. hehehe. Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Black Sabbath... few of those I can recall that I Ioved listening to. I had a collection pa nga of their LP albums.

But now I'm not so familiar anymore with contemporary rock bands, so I just rely on my son's song lists. He is a rocker too by the way. LOL! He's a member of a band called 'Sanity Kit'. He plays the lead guitar. They do gigs now and then, Apparently, their band is called Sanity Kit because the members all have day jobs, and so to keep their sanity intact from the rigors of their work, they formed their band to de-stress and express their musical creativity.

Oopss, sorry, napahaba ang comment. :)

Thanks for sharing this nice video.

palma tayona said...

Lol... I love listening to Led Zep, Dave Matthews Band, Korn... and lately my nephew Wiggy just introduced my to Disturb (pretty "disturbing" stuff but I still think it's cool)

My taste in music can be quite eclectic. I guess that's why I annoyed Friday when I kept on listening to Savage Garden. Lol...

You should be called "Rockin' Mama". :-)