Friday, August 1, 2008


I never thought Marimar could be this hilarious...

Spice it up boys!

Although it's a painful thought to think that 4 decades of my life have already passed, I would like to thank all those who sent their greetings to mark my natality a couple of days ago. (lalim no?) Well, you know who you are.

To get myself out of the doldrums of getting old, I chance upon the video of these two guys. I guffawed that the woman in the background (their mother perhaps) can't help but jiggy a bit to the music.


Margaret said...

Happy Big Four-O Dan! A big toast to a very accomplished artist! I will be celebrating my 40th this year too ;)
Anyway, those 2 boys are hilarious. Do they happen to be your relatives?

palma tayona said...

hahaha... gay! musta?

nope, i've never met onor do i know these guys. i just happened to discover them online and spent my morning laughing through their videos

Ebb Tide said...

Happy Birthday! I thought you're younger than the big 4-0. Sorry, I have been extremely busy that I couldn't afford time to visit your blog. I got 2 more paintings to do before my art show. Kumakaripas na ako but It's getting exciting as the show gets closer.

palma tayona said...

i am rooting for you ebb.

(it's really depressing to count the years. after this, there'll be no more reference to age.)