Sunday, August 3, 2008


A few weeks ago I was invited to give a short talk at a Rotary Club meeting and say a bit about what I do. I figured, what can an artist like myself talk about? I don't see myself an expert in painting, I never even took it up in college. I took up design. I never paid attention to my art history classes, having gone through it and still figuring out the difference between a Manet from a Monet, aside from the change in vowels. I never even had a single unit in anatomical drawing. I learned it from a book on how to draw the human body that I bought ten years after college.

So I figured, it's best I talk of something (aside from painting) that I have been doing for the past four years - being part of Canvas and designing children's books.

The talk went smoothly. It was fun and enlightening (I hope) for those who did listen, but most of all, it showed me how much we've done so far with our small group.

We've done books, exhibits, have set up a gallery, promoted contemporary visual art in one small step after another and, best of all, it made me aware as an artist, that we as a culture have so much to give to this place we call our country.

And I suppose, what we've done can be best summarized in this short eco-fable that can also be found in (click here for our site)

All it takes is one drop at a time to realize the fulfillment of a dream.



A big fire was destroying the forest, and all the animals were fleeing for their lives.

Only one small hummingbird stayed. It flew to the river, picked up one tiny drop of water in its small beak, flew back, and poured that drop on the fire.

Again and again it returned to the river, each time scooping up a single drop and pouring it on the fire.

The other animals watched from the far shore, laughing at and mocking the hummingbird. But, the harder they laughed, the harder the hummingbird worked.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" the animals finally asked.

Without stopping her work, the hummingbird answered calmly, "I'm doing what I can."

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