Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have been subscribed to SAATCHI GALLERY ONLINE for quite some time now. I have been silently lurking in the shadows amongst all of those European and American artists. Only recently did I have the guts to actually place my works there.

Now I am trying to see if I can elbow my way through the hodgepodge of images I see in that site by putting it in a "showdown" they have online. I chose "IT TAKES A VILLAGE" to see how it'd fare amongst the numerous other great works I've seen there.

It's really just a pissing contest and good for the artistic ego and I won't take it seriously. BUT OF COURSE it wouldn't hurt if you'd vote for me.

So, here's the link>>> http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/showdown/index.php?showpic=156893

Just click any of the stars on that page.

Vote for me!!

(Ako lang yata ang pinoy na nakita ko dun.)

Oh, and voting starts on AUGUST 11, 2008 at exactly 9 am gmt time (parang American Idol. hehehe... yung nga lang, I don't sing.)

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