Thursday, August 28, 2008


acrylic on canvas
size: unknown

I am so bragging about this.

I checked my Deviant Art account today and saw that there were like... 260 million views of my works in just a period of two hours! (Hehehe, I am joking. I just saw 260 unique views - each view is equivalent to one person viewing the site.)

Anyhow... someone wrote these words about my images, and I don't know how, but my site got featured on the front page. Perhaps those 260 views in a short period already qualifies me getting bumped up into the front page of "daily deviants" for August 28, 2008.

Bongga di ba?

This is what she wrote: "I am surprised the lack of notice that deviant palmatayona1 is getting... He's got a great unique style here on deviantART, somewhere between Kahlo and Botero." PENSAR NO ES MALO by ~palmatayona1 A distinctly Latinamerican style, both his paintings and drawings are remarkable indeed.

OO nah! I admit. I love fat people and I adore a half-crazed woman who had a lesbian affair and fell in love with a "pason" (fat pig).

Hmmm, I wonder if I'll ever end up as robust as my images?


akashy said...

Hmmm, I wonder if I'll ever end up as robust as my images?

- you're getting there... bwahahaha! peace, dan! :)

akashy said...

seriously, congratulations on the great review! you deserve all the accolades that you've been receiving thus far! :D

Exhibit, exhibit, exhibit!!!

palma tayona said...

- you're getting there... bwahahaha! peace, dan! :)

.... ARAY!


noble and famous king said...

From seeing your website for the first time, I always thought your work resembles Latin American paintings, specifically Diego Rivera.

Congratulations on this. Keep up the good work. And keep the blogs coming.