Wednesday, August 19, 2009


"Hey Dan, we're at the press checking the colors of the pages," and so went Franny's message in my gmail chat. Finally, the pages are at the printer's and I gave out a sight of relief. It's done... well, almost.

I haven't done other work aside from painting and what I do for CANVAS for... oh... a couple of years, and doing the design of this book is a bit of a breather from what I usually do. It's sort of like eating chocolate tart for dessert and not the usual favorite leche flan I have after every meal.

When Fran of Tahanan Books first sent me the pretty and colorful illustrations of Eisen Bernard Bernardo (of all things imaginable) of a jumping rice grain, I couldn't help but be tickled. I figured I got so used to the images used in all the CANVAS books done by painters, that seeing these images borne through digital illustrations I immediately "attacked" it and made sure the pages would look "perfect"... almost.

I had a blast designing it and can't wait to see the final book.

A sample page from GABBY GHAS

This little book is published by The Asian Rice Foundation and will be out there... soon.


Now that's done, I am going back to designing the next CANVAS book. Watch for it. :-)

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Sidney said...

Kumusta ?
Long time no see... great to see you are still very active and creating a lot of beautiful artwork and paintings!
Keep up the good work !