Saturday, December 29, 2007


15" x 15"
pen and ink on acid-free paper

The Merman is based on a poem given to me eons years ago by Noel Giuvani Ramiscal - a poet, a lawyer and childhood friend.

Way back in our U.P. days he gave me that poem on a sheet of stenographer's notebook. Unfortunately, I've lost it amongst my pile of books and scraps.

I could remember though that it was about waiting for his time as he sits on a rocky outcrop. Waiting for the time when his own purpose is revealed to him while he sits still as the waves around him buffets the rock he's on.

How the poem ended, well, time wasn't kind enough for me to remember. This is the only thing that is left of it, an old drawing that I did again.



I've copied here one of my favorite poems from his book "NOELSES", published in 2005 by the UST Publishing House


"satan is only a bad linguistic habit"
B. Rusell

i travel from one
antimony to another
christ has his wounds
and resurrection
satan has his horns and promises

i have words
to propel me
through the darkness
of love and death

but my faith owns no name


TK said...

He's really a big guy (Bulges out of the frame he's in.)

daniel palma tayona said...

hahaha... you'll notice that he doesn't lack company. they're ALL big in here.

atticus said...


Kiks Phulumulu said...

poetry and painting. complement each other.

i miss reading poetry.

Mari said...

Seems to me some artists are also into poetry. I read a poem written by Leonardo Da Vinci once, but couldn't find it anymore. Darn. They could very well go hand in hand. I have a friend who writes poetry and is now doing some paintings...and doing well.

Waifish Kate Moss looks emaciatated...not healthy at all.

BTW, is it okay if I link you?


palma tayona said...

@mari : sure. i don't mind. i am trying to figure it out myself how to do that.