Wednesday, March 14, 2007



12” x 14 x 2”
acrylic on boxed canvas

It has been several days that I tried to figure out what to paint for a Holy Week exhibit.

I watched “The Passion” on dvd thinking I’d get some ideas there.


All I can think of was painting a hand nailing another hand (but how many artists would think of nailed hands anyway? Answer: a lot)

Eventually I settled for a Pieta. I like the idea of keeping it simple – the Madonna caressing the dead Christ in her hands. I worked on it for a few days and when the Pieta was done, I was surprised. The Dead Christ looked like someone in my past.

And it was! It bore the spitting image of Anthony (a sweet young thing who I shared more than several nights of pleasure in the sheets).

I rummaged through some old numbers in a little black book for his number and called him up.

“Hey! You haven’t called for a long time.” said the voice on the other end. “Hey Anton, I just painted you. You now look like Christ.”

“What do you mean?”

“I finished a painting about the dead Christ and it ended up looking like you.”

“Now I will be holy… or I will end up dead? Hahaha…”


Carver said...

Hello! Great art, and love the way you write. :)

Nelson said...

Your Pieta is, in my opinion, one of your most detailed painting.

I'll definitely call you when I get back. Let's get together.

daniel palma tayona said...

thank you mr. carver. i enjoy reading your "recipes".

Nelskie.... i miss you dearest. mwah. i hope to see you when you fly here this june. give my regards to your hubby.